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I know that store´s promotion is not easy and designers struggle a lot to get their creations known. So, I decided to create a list that will let everyone know about what designers are selling. The only thing asked is for designers to place at least one of their creations at a special price. A new list is generated each month adding new designers and creations. Also all stores participating will have their logo and landmark/ marketplace logo at our in-world office.

This is totally FREE and everyone with a store in-world or at the marketplace can participate.

The main idea is to promote stores and let people know what you have created for them.

All areas of business are welcome.

Application deadline: You can apply anytime as a new list will be created each month.

Designers have to place at least one of their creations at a very special price (avoid to place them above 150L)

The list will be available on this website and as a notecard to be distributed in-world.

You´ll have access to our bloggers list.

Besides the special price creations you can also have (and this is optional):
- a gift (something between 0L and 25L);
- a hidden object with a gift at your choice inside (similar to a hunt and priced between 0L and 25L) We will provide it and all you have to do is to tell us if you are going to use it (so we can add that information on the list).

Also you can let everybody know on what other events you are participating and other information regarding your store.

ATTENTION: All things must be created by you (you can use fullperm kits to create them but the final product must be your creation). We search for quality stuff. No copybot stuff allowed or any other that you don´t have license to use. No reseller, no freebie or low quality will be accepted.

You can apply here on this website or by asking themasterlist resident or gardeniaevents resident for an application notecard.

For any questions or issue please contact (im or notecard):
Themasterlist Resident
GardeniaEvents Resident

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